Beauty from within

Exclusive Hokkaido Skincare - honjo.

Experience the purity of beauty with honjo: A Japanese skincare line crafted with simplicity in mind. Inspired by the pristine snow of Hokkaido, honjo’s gentle yet effective formula nourishes even the most sensitive skin.

Say goodbye to overcomplicated routines and embrace the power of natural ingredients that bring out the radiance within you. With honjo, you can trust that beauty and simplicity go hand in hand. Discover the beauty of simplicity and let Honjo unveil your purest self.

Honjo Face Lotion
- 100 ml
Honjo Face Serum
- 30 ml
Honjo Face Cream
- 50g
Self Defense Cream
- 30 ml
Honjo all in one Package
- (Lotion, Serum, Cream & Self Defense Cream)
honjo Face Lotion
04 - honjo Face Cream
honjo Self Defense Cream

How to use?

The honjo cleanser that includes a beauty essence in the wash to hydrate and moisturize sensitive skin.

The honjo Face Lotion for sensitive skin. This works wonders on skin types that flare up regularly and cannot retain moisture well.

This Face Serum contains a beauty essence that adjusts the balance of the skin and works on the skin cells that are prone to damage.

A moisturizing beauty cream with excellent emollient properties that softens and retains moisture even for sensitive and dry skin.

A daytime cream made with serum for sensitive skin that is prone to irritation and protects from UV rays, which is said to cause 80% of skin damage.